June 1, 2003

What is up with edesign mag

It is looking like edesign mag is dead. The last two issues have not materialized, on-line or in print. Their calendar is stuck with March events upcoming. This all leads to a big bummer. I hope they are working out bugs or some other issues, as I really enjoy the publication. There are other graphic design magazines that I have read for years, but none that captures the electronic or digital media as well. The other options still treat electronic media as a new thing (which it is in relative years) rather than a fully integrated and stand alone industry. It would be a big bummer if edesign is lost is the dust.

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I concur!! What is up? edesign was a truly qualtiy publication that I have read cover to cover numerous times over. As the President of a software development firm I receive too numerous magazines to possibly absorb in a given month, however, edesgin was the one pub that I looked forward to and scoured immediately upon arrival. Please don't let this leaf fall off the tree! A concerned and faithful reader.

a little late i am (being july 8th), but i have been waiting just like you 2. edesign is (was) awesome. i just emailed their subscription service asking what was up. if i learn anything informative, i'll post it. i really hope it is still around!!

Damn! Where is the next issue of eDesign? I am lovin it, and now I am missin it! By far one of the best WedDesign pubs on the market. Let me know if you know anything. Cheers!

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