February 28, 2007

Analysis of LibraryThing vs. Amazon Tagging Analysis

I have posted my Breaking Down LibraryThing vs. Amazon Tagging Analysis over at Personal InfoCloud. I have spent a lot of time analyzing what Amazon is doing with tagging over the past 16 months. Much of it was missed, but that was not the disappointing bit in the analysis. Most of the comparisons being made were really apples to oranges.

At some point I will write-up an analysis of what Amazon is doing well (some things they are doing brilliantly) and where it has yet to really take advantage of what they have. This will likely have to be broken in to a series as my the two impromptu presentations on the subject have been about an hour long (yes, there is that much there), not including the background set up bits.

I have been including a highlevel view of Amazon tagging in my normally full tagging/folksonomy presentation for the last year or so as there are valuable examples in what is there and their iterations.

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