May 23, 2004

Bethesda Design Within Reach

While getting coffee this morning I saw that Design within Reach is opening in Bethesda near the Woodmont Triangle (North of Old Georgetown Road). They have gone into the old Johnny Rocket diner. The site is a good match. The Woodmont Triangle is turning into a furniture and interior design section with small wonderful restaurants mixed in. This section of Bethesda is not as hectic as the area around the Bethesda Row Cinema (Landmark Theater) and the larger best of DC restaurants.

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We have a Design Within Reach over here in Portland as well. While the design of the furniture is par, the price isn't. I found that, not unlike Matt Haughey, the design wasn't within reach of the average consumer. I found more functional and well designed furniture that was more affordable at Dania and also at Ikea (for those willing to take a small drive up to Seattle).

I have not bought anything at their stores. The first Design Within Reach store I saw was in Portland, but it was closed. None-the-less I took photos of the design quotes on the windows. I actually went in the store in SoHo, but they did not have the furnishings I had seen in Portland. I was a little taken back by the price, as it did not quite fit their brand. The furniture does not fit the style in our house, but I still like the store and the simple brand. Mostly, I suppose I like the quotes in the window in Portland.

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