April 28, 2002

New edesign mag

Last night I stumbled across edesign magazine at the local Barnes and Noble. I have been bemoaning the loss of Web Techniques and other electronic medium magazines. The preview copy that I picked up was a rather solid issue that covered a broad swath topics. The magazine did not hit the cutting edge, but it was the first time I have seen some topics covered in hard print. The magazine pointed to MeFi (including some specific threads in MeFi) and talked with Zeldman and other developers who are in the digital medium for more than just fast cash. This issue touched on the folks that have been and are still passionate about the digital medium and electronic design. It was nice to see Carl Steadman's name in hard print again. I hope these folks can stick around. Now I am waiting for a May/June issue.

Posted Comments

Hey! You didn't mention the *fabulous* comments I made about eBay! That even warranted a pull-quote!

Do you have a phone number or working internet site that I can use to contact edesign magazine? Thank you, Sandy

I also purchased edesign magazine at barnes and noble, yet the website and phone number given do not exist.

It seems that edesign is dead and gone. I have not had much luck tracking down names in the masthead from the print version. The site links are now broken too.

I just called Barnes and Noble and they stopped selling eDesign magazine. I am sad to say that such a wonderful magazine is gone.

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