September 11, 2006

Found Killer Live Music is Alive in England

I will get to d.construct in another post, but on the way up to London on the train from Brighton today I sat next to a couple guys who were going to do a jazz combo gig, but when they stepped off four guys sat in their seats along with a guy they just met. The four guys (Tomme, Laurie, Pete, and Mat) make up Bad Sandwich and were on their way to London to play at the Battle of the Bands at Rock Garden Club in Covent Garden. I really enjoyed chatting with them and their friend Robin (whom they had just met).

The Bad Sandwich guys explained they payed a heavy funk, which made me think of a band from San Francisco, the Smoking Section, that was a favorite band in the late 80s and early 90s. Tomme gave me a sticker for their band that had their MySpace page (putting it on the cover of my laptop was not smart as I had to close the lid to read it then open the lid and type). I checked out their page and sampled a little music, it was quite good and a free live concert did not sound so bad.

Bad Sandwich is a Killer Live Band

I made it to Rock Garden in time to see Soul Step and the rest of the bands (I will get to Soul Step in a moment). Bad Sandwich guys were very appreciative that I made it, but after they played I may have been the one that was happier. Bad Sandwich is killer. Utter killer! They were really tight with Pete (lead guitar), Laurie (bass), and Mat (drums) just in were in tight sync. Tomme has an insane amount of energy, is very charismatic on stage, and proved to be very good lead singer for this band. The music kept me wanting to get out of my seat and just move. My head would not stay still and I could not hold back a big smile. This guys were just fantastic. They were just heavy hard funk and really want these guys to do well as I really really want to have them making more music for me to listen to.

Soul Step Is another to Watch

The band prior to Bad Sandwich was Soul Step with a rock, soul, blues, and rockabilly all blended wonderfully. They were incredibly good showmen and served up great music. Ryan Burns (lead singer and bass) was fantastic and if Roland Orzibal (Tears for Fears) were to have done similar music in his early days Ryan is channeling that showmanship. Joseph Warwick on lead guitar was really really good and kept showed an excellent range. The drummer, Krissi Carter had the showmanship skills of a big band drimmer, she was just stellar and their music really showed off her talent. All together this trio made music I wanted to buy on the spot and keep listening to (unfortunately the music on their site does not do justice to their live experience and a good studio session could make them equal or better than their live performance. I really with them well as I really want to want to keep listening to their music as well.

Two Killer Bands to Follow, One Good Night

The Battle of the Bands involved a vote, which went to a heavy metal band most in the club were grumbling about. I don't quite feel bad about Bad Sandwich or Soul Step not getting voted forward as they were really impressive. Bad Sandwich seems to have a decent following and all the other bands really thought they were excellent. I can not wait for these two band to get good recordings out as I really want to buy them. I also really want to see them live, again and again.

Go give them an ear and if you are lucky enough to be in England they are well work going to see them as well.

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