April 1, 2005

Folksonomy Sold

As of today I am no longer the person who coined the word folksonomy. After getting asked over and over how I was going to make money off coining a word, I had the answer. Today I sold the rights to claim the coining of the word folksonomy to another party. I had thought about selling the rights off of eBay, but the offer came to me and it was above anything I imagined. I can not say the amount this was sold for, but it was very generous and also provides a six figure payment for each of the next 12 years and payment over the following 8 years based on revenues generated from that word.

I am letting the group that bought the rights and word to make their annoucement later today. They are weaving the history of the term into their own marketing materials, packaging materials, and blog.

[We now return you to reality beyond April 1st and no we are not aware that a word can be sold either, well as of today at least. Posted April 2, 2005]

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