June 16, 2004

Airport Bliss

On my recent trip through the Minneapolis airport I heard a lot of Prince over the airport loudspeakers as well as from the stores. That was a great welcome to Minneapolis. I have been through that airport four times in the past couple months and the airport and the view flying in has me very intrigued with the city, or at least wanting to get out of the airport for a few days.

The impact of the airport made me think about other airports and I can think of none that I have been drawn step out and explore. This could be because the airports I do enjoy I also enjoy the city. Portland has a nice airport with good amenities and it seems to echo the nature of the city. I have not been impressed with the Atlanta airport and have not been outside of the airport. I liked Heathrow terminal 4 and I have enjoyed London and its surroundings. I have spent a fair amount of time in the Paris Charles DeGaul airport and always find things to explore and enjoy, much like Paris. All I remember from Schiphol in the Netherlands is the signage, which seemed very good and nothing else stood out and that is not representative of what I know of the Netherlands and particularly not Amsterdam.

The Minneapolis airport is built in a box layout with parallel outcropping for the waiting areas. There is one main mall area that includes a Lands' End store, which is something I have never seen. The voices on the loudspeakers oozed Mid-West nasal, "Would the person who lost a Hi-Un-Day car key come to the main kiosk."

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