December 14, 2003

Economy prosperity tied to doing what you love

I stumbled across the Richard Florida The New American Dream, which was published in the Washington Monthly. Professor Florida points to the Creative Class as a means to provide a successful community. One thing that really stands out in his article is reflected in the title's sub-heading, "The economy will prosper again when more Americans can do the work they love".

The best work comes from those that are passionate about that work they are doing. Are you passionate about the work you do? Do you enjoy the work you do? If not, why not? My common salutation to friends and co-workers is "enjoy". If you do not enjoy what you are doing, not only is it difficult for you to make it through the day and enjoy life, but the quality of what you produce is not going to be the best. People that care about their work and are passionate about it most often are the stars in their group.

Find what you are passionate about and dive into it.

More information about Richard Florida and his book the Creative Class can be found at Creative Class.

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George Kelly is keeping a living blog of Florida's SXSW speech in 2003 and work at SXSW Interactive Pt. 8

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