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January 26, 2004

Drawn by the Weather Project

Okay, I admit it, I have a passionate interest in the Weather Project. I have been enrapt with the photos of the visitors (David Gallegher, Eliot Shepard, Dan Hill, etc.

I have yet to completely figure out what has me fascinated with this exhibit. One element is the color as well as the light. There were early mornings in San Francisco when I was heading east on California Street near Masonic and watch the new sun rising over the hills and the bay with an orange-red glow. That was one of the more spectacular views I have seen anywhere. The weather project has a similar color and intensity, but with a more ominous power than one of striking beauty.

September 16, 2003

Design graduation speech to wake the artist

Communication Arts this month offers their Interactive Awards, but also opens with a great graduation speech to artists and designers from Sean Kernan. This speech really hit home as similar topics have been on my mind of late as I have been trying to work through some long writing pieces related to the Model of Attraction, but also have not been able to do what I truly enjoy and usually get paid for. In this time I have been helping Joy get ready for junior's arrival and running incessant errands. This piece really has struck a strong chord as at the heart of things I have a strong creative spirit that has been a musician and writer. This is balanced with an extremely logic driven side, that eases its way into programming and other highly structured pattern making and pattern discernment.

I wish to come back to this article over and over through time. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.

March 28, 2003

Portland Moving Public Art

I uploaded my quicktime movie of Portland moving public art(3.5MB Quicktime movie) that is located across the street from Powells Books. This was taken from my digital still camera, but I really wanted have a picture of this in action. Now I share.

July 23, 2002

Chiam moves on

I learned a great deal about art and myself from reading My Name is Asher Lev, which is now ingrained in my senses. The author, Chiam Potok passed away today. It is days like these that you wished you had reached out and said thank you, at the very least.

July 14, 2002

Film Strip Art

Film Strip art provided a great diversion. [hat tip Eric]

June 1, 2002

Cities of Ideas

Today's New York Times provides Creative Cities and Their New Elite, which theorizes that cities with higher than normal gay and bohemian populations are fertile grounds for economic sustainability, innovation, and technical growth. There seems to be a strong correlation between open accepting environments that recognize the importance of creativity and intelligence and the other measures of successful city cores that are economically viable. The article focuses on Robert Florida's "The Rise of the Creative Class: And How It's Transforming Work, Leisure, Community and Everyday Life", which fully fleshes out these discussions. The Austin American-Statesman expounds on the Cities of Ideas in their series. The core of growth is based on knowledge and ideas that provide the fuel for the local economy. The precept seems to account for the cities I truly enjoy, including Amsterdam and Paris.

April 17, 2002

The Communication Arts Design Interact SOW is MoMA's The Russian Avant-Garde Book 1910-1934, a well done Flash presentation of the exhibition. As always the SOW (site of the week) provides great background on the how and why of the site. The exhibit site is

April 5, 2002

Carrie points to Launch New York City: After the Fall, a wonderful Flash presentation of post September 11 NYC by photographer Geoffery Hiller.

April 1, 2002

Being April 1st, Josh at Praystation turns back the clocks for just one day.

March 19, 2002

There are Quicktime clips of SXSW sessions and interviews, which includes one from the Josh Davis session. It is rough and not in context, but it does offer a good snippet of Josh and the magnetic dots.

March 12, 2002

The mind is functioning and also completely blown from watching and listening to Josh Davis. The world of visual, digital, mathematical, and relational information has broken more synapses than I new were functioning today and seemed to have spawned new channels for information to flow and be processed. In other words, my mind and concept of the world has just been altered again. Not only do I know have an understanding of what somebody means when they say the words that comprise the name Josh Davis, but I have a whole new way to look at information and human responses.

One of the items presented was a visual and audio presentation of network activity. Not only could one visually watch the activity and interaction of those on the network and watching what activities the users on the network were performing and showing their IP address. This visual presentation was augmented with audio that dynamically corresponded to the actions. A sys admin could sit and monitor a network aurally and not watch a monitor. Like a mother and a child, a sys admin could emotively interact with the sounds of the network. A user on the network has saturated the bandwidth the downloads, and the sounds emitted could trigger and emotive response from the sys admin to nurse the network back to a healthy state for all users. As many of us hear our cars and listen to the pitch the subway train makes pulling into the station, which indicates how full the train is so we know where to position our selves on the platform (usually lower tone>es indicate fuller trains and the lowest rumble on a seemingly empty train is the money car on the money train).

February 20, 2002

I found Zoomify to be an insanely cool application. The clarity of the zoomed image was stellar. It reminds me of some of the LuraTech graphic compression applications I tried a couple years ago, when I was looking to build a document repository for Web based use that allowed quick loading snapshots of the documents prior to downloading. Zoomify would be a great application to inspect photos and painting details while keeping the image weight relatively low. Genius.

January 4, 2002

Now for something completely different... Dollar Bill origami. I made the Shirt in less than 10 minutes and I suck at origami. I had to stay in on recess in grade school to improve my folding, but no more. [hat tip Michael Angeles]

November 2, 2001

Today was one of those days where things are looking gloomy and I was waiting for feedback on a piece of a project before moving forward. So lunch today took me to the Mall for a cheap tourist shack sandwich then to the National Gallery of Art. The Galleries are a wonderful way to problem solve and transform into a world of the portrayal of light and colors. There are two exhibits that I took in on this slow November day, the Aelbert Cuyp and Virtue and Beauty: Leonardo's Ginevra de' Benci and Renaissance Portraits of Women. The renaissance portraits was a well done exhibit, which I went through in reverse order, with the juxtapositioning of Italian and Northern Renaissance works next to each other. The differennces in color, textures, and light was very evident. The Cuyp exhibit was wonderful, but then again I really like Early Norther Renaissance artists. The detail, lighting, and stories are breath taking. I also stopped in to see the Monet room, which houses The Houses of Parliament at Sunset a favorite, now one of many in this room. As time passes I become more and more intrigued with impressionism and particularly Monet. The light and blurred vision, unless your are across the gallery, the strokes, the lack of detial yet catching all the nuance. It was a good break and greatly refreshed my spirit and mind.

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