December 13, 2002

DirecTV DSL to close but may have options

DirecTV DSL is closing says SlashDot. I am really bummed as I have used them and Telocity (who was gobbled by DirecTV DSL this past year) for a couple years. It has been great service and once I moved I have been getting 1.3MB down and 750kbps up for $49.00 a month. Not only the speed, but the customer service has been light years better than any other service I have used for most anything (much better than the rude and know-nothing Comcast Cable or the slow and everything is somebody else's fault Verizon for a sub-rate product).

Those of you in a similar situation the page to watch is DirecTV DSL site and their DirecTV DSL FAQ page as they are saying more on Tuesday 17th of December. It looks like Speakeasy may be a solid option or directly from Covad.

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