September 21, 2002

House appeal

It is settling in that we will be moved by this point next Saturday and I will most likely be without broadband access for a week or two at that point. I have Earthlink dial-up, which is barely passable and restricts access to most of my e-mail addresses. We are also leaning toward satellite TV over cable, mostly because our cable supplier can not process payments and their billing system has been one step away from being fully hosed for nearly six months. This may be the perfect opportunity to get Tivo into the house.

On the house front, the painters are done and the walls and ceillings are beautiful, and now that we can open our doors to the outside and open windows, we are very happy with the job done. Our floors started getting refinished yesterday and we have wonderful red oak flooring that is looking amazing after one coat of light stain. It is a huge improvement.

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Looks like DirectTV is coming out with new dishes and receivers in a couple weeks and I was advised by a couple stores to wait as I would be happier. It also helped that the stores were out of the eliptical dishes. We may wait on Tivo until near December of the New Year, as other needs have priority. It looks like we will be with out broadband and Cable/Satellite TV for a couple weeks. Well there is a ton of work to still do around the house.

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