May 29, 2002

Chimera browsing

Like a lemming I downloaded Chimera, a browser that speeds along on Mac OS X. I am really loving the speed and the easy readability of Chimera.

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Not only am I loving the speed, but the clarity of the text is amazing on my TiBook. Yes, there are a few bugs in this still early release, but this could become my default browser in the not so distant future. I am able to use my weblog tools easily and read my couple of hours of news and research each evening with great ease. Filling in forms with select boxes that need to scroll seems to be an issue, but perhaps that is why I use Mozilla and IE.

So what do you think of Mozilla 1.0, RC3? I find it to be the best piece of work so far (in spite of the clunky look of the form buttons and such) and have set it to be my default browser on my TiBook/OS X machine.

I have been a fan of the Mozilla browser builds. The current builds are approaching perfection. Right now Moz is 3rd in my rotation with IE and Chimera in the first two spots. Since updating Office X, IE became flakey, but seems better since I updated to OS X 10.1.5. I have not undone IE as the default browser yet.

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