March 24, 2002

Apple Applause

Are you like me, a PC user for years that has just bought a Mac? Apple wants to hear from us PC to Mac converts. My biggest difficulty is the lack of keystrokes that echo the keystrokes on the PC for those of us that keep our hands on the keyboard and don't always reach for a mouse. Using keystrokes within forms in Web browsers has been a little bit lacking, but for all the great steps forward I will wait for this minor steps ahead. I wish that Real and others lacking foresight to build OS X versions of their software, would see this is the way the future of desktop and laptop personal computing. My Mac gives me so few problems it is amazing that one would call it a computer. The incredible battery life on a souped up TiBook shocks me at every turn. My frustrations with the PC are regular, but there are few frustration with the Mac. Actually the converse is true, I find amazement and great ease of use at nearly every turn.

Posted Comments

I'm really wanting a TiBook myself but apparently the systems at University College London don't support it. I guess I'll have to wait until after school... boo.

whenever I sit down at a mac, I am once again confounded by the fact that they refuse to give me a second mouse button with which to work. do they really think their users are so uncoordinated? But wait! Steve *did* give out a multi-button mouse with the introduction of the NeXT Cube. So where did it go when NEXTSTEP was rewritten as OS X?

[Nice to see we can comment on this site now, Thomas. :)] I started out using PCs until I got to college, where they had Mac Classics in the computer lab. I've since only bought Macs for myself (I'm on my third), but have had to use a PC for work. A lot of my software is PC only, and the company VPN doesn't have Mac software -- losers. I do use my TiBook when I can, however. Regarding the 2 button mouse. You can indeed buy one. I use the 2-button mouse that came with my Wacom tablet and it works nicely.

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