March 24, 2002

Comments ahoy

Ah, the comments are running is a decent manner. I do not have a preview running yet, but that will be coming. Some other backend elements will be on their way too, but that is behind the scene stuff. Test if you want. The comments open the way for the next step, which should be posted in an hour or two. Then it is getting tax info together.

Posted Comments

Hi Thomas, Great work with the comments, however I'm getting an error whenever I bring up the comment window in IE6 PC: "document.form.pccomment is null or not an object" Joshua

Joshua -- Hmmm, I have not been able to replicate that with IE6 on Win2000 ro on XP. That JS is no longer needed and I should be able to remove it. I am bugged by the resorting of the order of the page, that did not happen on the development site. Must fix. Thanks for the comments.

Hopefully I have repaired the output order.

Hopefully I have repaired the output order.

The JavaScript error should have evaporated and the output order should be fixed.

One last attempt to keep the date and time order.

Hopefully changing the datatype from timestamp to datetime will correct the timeshift problem.

Genius. That solved that problem.

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