January 11, 2006

Need Web Hosting Recommendations

Hey, I am back on-line and have e-mail. After the fourth major outage is five days I am needing a new hosting option. E-mail me suggestions, please. My InfoCloud Solutions, Inc. site and e-mail are on the same server and need solid hosting (this has been the worst six months of hosting I have had in the 10 years of having a personal site on-line), beating Interland on poor service (actually they may have been much worse, but that is far enough away) is a feat.

I like the people at the current hosting company and running servers is a thankless horrible job that I don't ever care to do again.

I really would like bullet proof e-mail, or close to it. LAMP stack hosting is required (preferably with PHP and Python for the "P") Ruby on Rails would be a nice to have (but that is mostly testing and I can do that on my laptop).

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