May 22, 2004

iTunes on External Drive

I finally moved my iTunes repository, all 18GB of it, off my TiBook (40GB hard drive) to my external firewire hard drive (120GB). By changing the iTune directory to the external drive in iTunes preferences then going into Advanced an set iTunes to "consolodate" iTunes files everything will be properly copied to the external drive. After ripping a disk and finding the disk only loaded on the external drive I knew I had success. I then deleted the iTunes on the TiBook.

I have now successfully synched my iPod connecting to the external drive through the same firewire hub. I now have 20GB of free hard drive available on my laptop, which is a nice relief.

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Hi, I'm seaching the net to see if I can find something simliar to what you have done. I just recently made the switch - theorectically an addition, but my PC has been ignored quite a bit recently. On my PC, I had about 5,000 MP3s. Obviously, they would take up a lot of room on my HD on my Powerbook. I have an external HD that I can use on both - so I've just created a folder for my iTunes music. However, I've just realized that as soon as I plug the ext. HD back into my PC, it will create the folder thumbprints and .db files again. What I'd like to do is have most of my music collection on my ext. HD. However, since I don't own an iPod yet, I'd like to have a secondary file on my Powerbook HD that would be utilized when I don't have my Powerbook hooked up to the the ext. This secondary file would have maybe up to five or ten GIGs. No where near all of it, but enough to get my by. Have you heard of anything like this? Do you think it would be possible? Thanks! Ando

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