February 11, 2004

Blogspot Blocked

The past few weeks the porn referrer span has gotten completely out of hand. I do not care about Janet's, Britteny's, Paris', etc anatomy nor some island. This past week I set up a referrer block list with about 20 items. By Tuesday it was up to 45 items. Each day the junk referrers was growing by 5 with modifications of the site URLs. Well everything but one chunk of information changed, which is blogspot. It seems it is so bloody easy to throw some horrible site up that only aims at providing a means to collect ad money, microcent by microcent.

Since blogspot does not host anything of value I have read in so long and I do not know any soul that has a blogspot site they are all blocked. That is right all blogspot sites are blocked if vanderwal.net sees a blogspot site as a referrer.

Posted Comments

A bit harsh this, really. Because I'm too lazy to bother installing MT, blogger Pro or the like, I use blogspot - and I never got a look at Ms. Spears bits. That's the problem with rule-based filtering...

This is not about many of the users of Blogspot, but nearly all the junk I get is from a few on Blogspot. The volume of trash out weighs any other benefit for me. Blogspot has no quality control and I don't want the trash as it is making the effort of tracking valid referrer links far more difficult than it should be. In the previous three years I have not had one referrer link from a Blogspot site, so I do not think I am losing too much.

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