January 11, 2004

AvantGo Synch for Mac OS X

I am now able to synch my Palm with AvantGo from my Mac. AvantGo USB Sync for Mac OS X is the key to getting this working. AvantGo has not supplied a Mac OS X interface. This worked exceptionally well. This was one of my last tethers to my PC. The PC has been very flakey with Palm hot synchs the past month or two, which is bad as one leaves for work with out of date info. Yes, in one day things can be horribly out of date.

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Tom, When did you become a Mac guy? Don't know if you remember me, but thought I'd drop you a line. Was visiting the usual haunts today and decided to see how vanderwal.net was doing. Glad to hear you're giving OS X a try. Ain't it grand? By the way, if you want to feel true Apple evangelism, visit the SOHO store sometime. A two-story dynamo of all things Mac. I was in awe over the holidays... Hope you and Joy are well. Take care, Kevin

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