December 21, 2003

Treo 600 Bluetooth answer

I found, not only a great article on the Treo 600, but the answer to the bluetooth question. I have been wondering if the Treo 600 will work with the current Palm SD Bluetooth card. It seems:

The Treo 600 family also adds an SD/SDIO/MMC slot. This slot, located on the top of the device was also found on the Treo 90, and on all current Palm models. It enables the use of SD and MMC media for storage of more programs and MP3 audio or video and SD content cards like dictionaries, or game packs. More importantly it also is SDIO enabled, meaning that it will work with hardware accessory cards like Veo's SD photo card, Margi's SD presenter-to-go, or Sandisk's upcoming Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cards.

Handspring did not include Bluetooth into this device, but because of the SDIO slot it is an option in the future. Handspring told us that they are working with 3rd party companies to extend all the powers of the Treo to the Bluetooth card. This includes not only data synchronization like most cards, but the ability to use Bluetooth headsets, or act as a Bluetooth modem for a PC or Mac. Adding a Bluetooth SD card to the Treo 600 family will cost around $100 to $150. The current Palm branded card does not work with OS 5. gives this interesting quote though: "Speaking of Bluetooth, the Handspring engineers specifically left room on the Treo 600 circuit board for a Bluetooth module. It won't be included in initial releases, but Handspring spokesperson Brian Jaquet said there was very strong possibility that an updated version would be released with Bluetooth."

Now the question is do I get one now or wait?

I did find that my current phone, Motorola Timeport 270c does have an optional Bluetooth battery cover, but it (like other Motorola products) does not support Mac, fools.

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What do you think about the SE P900?

I own a treo 600...bought a Jaba blue tooth do I connect to my phone

Connecting a bluetooth device is going to be difficult with a Treo 600 as it does not have functional bluetooth capabilities at this point. The non-Sprint phones may get their bluetooth capabilities turned on earlier, as the Treo 600 internal boards have bluetooth capabilities, but the wireless companies have not enabled the functionality. There are supposed to be bluetooth SD cards coming for the Treo in the *near* future.

Thanks for the info. I'll keep my eye on this.

You can use the EXTERNAL Jabba blue tooth device and headphone (which implements blue tooth in an external station that is then connected to your phone through the audio jack). But not the simple headphone without the blue tooth base.

i have treo 6000 i got motorola headset hs810 any chance to add any bluetooth adapter or anything , thanks

There does not seem to be anything on the short horizon for Bluetooth adapters for the Treo 600. The Palm Bluetooth SD cards still do not function in the Treo. I am suprised their has not yet been a hack to move this along.

Does anyone have any news about when the Treo 600 will have workable Bluetooth add-ons? I appreciate any and all info! JB

It is looking like a Treo 610 will have bluetooth, better screen resolution, and improved camera. I have seen this in print, but have not been able to find any mention around the web, yet.

Hope may be on the way as Treo Central offers a bounty for bluetooth drivers. Now we sit and wait. And wait. Tap, tap, tap...

So, could it be that Treo Central is just waiting to come out with the 610 and no chance to get ever a functioning blue tooth card for the 600?

What the F*&$#@ was handspring thinking NOT including bluetooth in the treo 600.....knuckleheads.

Any idea when/where these bluetooth SD cards will be available to work with the Jabra headsets? I called up Handspring and they seem to be clueless about the whole thing.

It does not appear the bluetooth capacity will be turned on in the Treo 600. The Treo 650 should have bluetooth turned on from the time it is released. It is looking like the Treo 650 will be released in October 2004 or around that time. It is rumored that Sprint will be the first carrier to sell the Treo 650. The carriers have been against bluetooth in the Treo as they could use it to act as a modem for other devices. I think the backlash from the Treo 600 has caused enough of the carriers to rethink their plans. It was not HandSpring nor Palm that disabled bluetooth it was the carriers demand.

OK, I was checking out the Jabra Bluetooth headset model BT200 for non-blue toothed phones. They list on their website for $179 and comes with a charger/module for connection to your earpiece jack on the Treo 600. The tre is listed as a compatible device. My question is, can data transmissions be put across what is designated as an audio device (i.e. syncing, connections with external devices such as the Delorme Earthmate Bluetooth GPS)? The Jabra unit allows for secure communications and the module is already paired with the headset. Can the pairing be changed and can the audio jack on the Treo be configured to handle data transmissions? I bought my Treo two months ago and am drooling over the thought of the wireless possibilities. I already use my back-up phone Sony T610 to dial-up for my laptop. At $20/month from T-Mobile I can stay connected 24/7.

See the TreoCentral Bluetooth Award for the answer to the bluetooth for headsets answer with the Treo 600. In short it seems the audio and radio (bluetooth) run on separate channels so a headset would not work. A driver for data only is a possibility, but has not been developed as of yet.

I am at the same with darin sindt. I am now inspired to get T610 as backup to enjoy BT on treo 600. I got Palm SD-BT card as well as Jabra T200 for non-blluetooth phones. What is good of Jabra is that now I use it for other phones and audio devices and recovering my investment. If anyway Data only BT can be availed from Palm SD-BT card, then that would be more than enough. Hoping against hope. - Heren Mehta

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