December 1, 2003

Solving the mobile smartphone issues with Treo 600

I found another very good review of the Treo 600. After using my Dad's Nokia 3650 I think the Treo 600 could be a good next phone for me.

I have tried the Treo in the stores and the keyboard size is not difficult for me to work with, actually it is very usable. The screen size is a little small, but it would work well and it is not that much smaller than my Hiptop. I have had a Palm OS device for four or five years now and I really like the interface and the breadth of applications available is great also.

Using my Dad's Nokia I was very frustrated with the interface. It could really use a scroll wheel like my Hiptop has to ease the navigating menu options (there are many). Moving between applications is rather clumsy as the phone rang when I was setting bluetooth settings to his AIBook and we could not easily jump to the incoming call. That should never happen. The Web browsing was very slow on AT&T Mmode. I could get around more quickly on my GMS Hiptop. I really like the bluetooth capabilities on that phone and the camera on the Nokia is great also.

I have always expected more out of my Hiptop than it delivered. I have only used it as a phone two or three times and I still carry my Motorola 270c as my main phone. I have really become attached to having mobile Web, AIM, and e-mail. The interface it very usable on the Hiptop and one can easily move between applications to get to incoming e-mail or a chat while in a very different set of tools. I really want to see how the Treo handles this task switching. I also would like to read a long article or two on the Treo 600 as I use my Palm for reading news, articles, and books on the train commuting.

My last option would be to get a bluetooth phone (still thinking Nokia but in the back of my mind) like a Sony Ericsson 610 and get a bluetooth enabled Palm Tungsten series PDA. At this point time will tell. But, I am narrowing down the choices.

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I've owned 3 Handsprings (Visor, Edge and Treo 180) and was very pleased with the first two, but found the Treo 180 cumbersome to hold and the email/messaging software fairly unintuitive. I felt completely liberated by going to the Sidekick. That being said, the reviews I've read for the Treo 600 sound so much more promising than the 180. I think Palm/Handspring should discontinue the clunky Treo 180 in favor of the new Palm T series and just keep the new Treo as the phone/PDA model. Personally, I've decided to finally leave the Palm world and am expecting an HP iPaq 4155 in the mail.

Have you tried using the HP iPaq? I have not found much Windows-based software I would really want. If I could get OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner on a PDA I would be in heaven.

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