August 13, 2003

We only thought we were home

We had a good week at the shore, not quite relaxing enough or long enough. I have been truely enjoying The Discovery of Heaven, which reminds me of a cross between a Neil Stephenson and Milan Kundera styles with cross currents and bon mots for those who are well read in classical lit and philosophy.

We are home 15 minutes and we are off to the emergency room to have somebody's foot x-rayed from a mis-step in cruddy shoes. Yes, the misses has a small fracture in her foot and will be on crutches the next few weeks, laying down, or hobbling during her last 8 weeks of pregnancy. I will be helping her get to an othopedist tomorrow to get the final judgement on her foot.

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that's truly weird. friday the 1st, patricia was walking wiht a bunch of other gis people to a lunch at the district chophouse and she tripped on a sinkhole in the middle of a crosswalk and fractured her foot. she's back in the office with a cast halfway up to her knee.

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