July 7, 2003

Your help wanted

Okay folks we need a little help here. It is time to offer names, boys names to be specific. We have a girl's name chosen for the baby arriving in October. We do not have a boy's name. Joy is leaning toward Mark(c), but it sounds too much like a politician for my taste, the kid would be running for pre-school class president. Mark does not have a less formal side. My favorite has been Alexander, but was ruled out once I brought up Zander as a nickname to be a fun kid name, but it created to much rhyming with Vander Wal. I also was pulling for my grandfather's name, Jacob, which also has been shot down.

Please help. We could be at this for the next two or three months, if we do not get it nailed down. Yes, we read the NY Times names article over the weekend, which made the problem worse somehow.

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For some reason, I've always liked names that start with J and K (C also counts in some cases). I vote for Justin, Kyle, Kenneth, and Christopher.

Well, it makes me sad to hear Jacob has been denied (It's the single most popular name for baby boys these days!)... That being said, I've always liked Tyler (Ty is a great nickname) and Zachary. But that's me. ;^) Good luck!

I vote for Jonas, Micah, and Dashiell. Come on, what kid wouldn't want to be called Dash? ;)

my two cents... I named my son Benjamin Timothy. The idea was to give him many possible nicknames - something he could choose as his personality developed. Otherwise, I like the name Christopher - I've always liked it shortened as Topher personally. And hey Topher Vander Wal sounds like a teen heart-throb waiting to happen.

Congrats Thomas & Joy...I didn't know :) As for names, Jeff and I are gathering a list as well...boys & girls...boy names he has rejected and i agree because it just can't go with Chan as a last name: Charles, Charlie, Michael, and Jackie. I actually do a mess of usability with names just in case the kids get mean...like my real first name is Madonna...and boy did the boys make fun of me when the singer released her _Like a Virgin_ album...argh. Micah is nice...one good source for nice masculine names...the Bible ;) How about Johnathon, Stephen or Jeff? :)

Might I suggest - Cornelius or Zaius?

Daniel Jacob Vander Wal has a nice ring... You get to keep Jacob in a fashion, and Daniel has great nickname potential.

Mark, "too much like a politician for my taste"? As a Mark, I don't have a political bone in my body, and I do have a less formal side. Vote Mark! (oops)

We like what everybody has offered up to date and we seem to be making some headway. We have been receiving comments in e-mail and in person, which are as follows: Timothy, Daniel, Dean, Devon, Connor, Matthew, William, Philip, Jay, Nicholas, and Johannas. I think that covers everything to date.

The only names ruled out at this point are Thomas (my dad is a Thomas as while I really like the name there was too much confusion), Mark(c) as I would like the kid to have the ability to alter his name as he sees fit (sorry Mark(s) nothing personal), and Jacob (this saddens me and I can't seem to get a reason why it is shot down).

We have not made a decision so there is still time...

How does Caiden sound?

Congratulations on the impending bundle of joy! I really like the name Conor/Connor, alas hubby didn't. When we found out we were having a boy we went through just about every single boys name before deciding on Thomas Connor. It's a masculine name and suits our Little Man to a 'T'. Since the name Thomas has been nixed from your list I must vote for Conor/Connor, James and Timothy. Quite a few of our friends nave named their sons Justin, which I'm not a fan of. (Sorry Jish...and to all the Justins reading this.) I just find it too effeminate for my tastes.

This baby-name site is... )helpful? hilarious?(...

I don't see the name Mark as political either. But that's just my liberal upbringing.

Koby, Kasey

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