March 7, 2003

Chimera now Camino offers update

My favorite browser name, Chimera became Camino and is now in version .7 (yes, pre-version 1). I did a download of the browser and wow, the sucker is fast. I was a Chimera/Camino fan before Safari came along. Camino now seems to have speed in the Safari ballpark, with tabs, and wonderful rendering as always. What I now with Camino would get is spell checking. I am somewhat torn between the two browsers, but the speed of both and the standards compliance of Camino really make it painful to use IE on a Mac.

IE is my dirty browser, in that I mean I have my Amazon cookies stored and other cookies stored. The other two browsers I try to keep clean so I can see what everybody else sees without my personalization set. Safari is where I keep my handful of bookmarks for works in progress and links I have not yet added to the links page. Camino is where I maintain my site. Regular Mozilla and Netscape are over burdened with "stuff" and much slower than Safari or Camino.

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I have a similar dilemma. I was using Safari because it was notably faster than Chimera/Camino. But Camino has more than made up for that speed with the newest builds. It also renders many more pages successfully, and tab implementation is at a more progressed state. But Safari's appearance is so polished compared to Camino. What to do?!

Sunil, I am using both. Safari is my default browser and I have many instances of it open at one time (tabs could help solve some of this). But, Camino is always open as that always has my site's admin tools available. It is easy to command & tab to switch between an item I am writing about and my blog's entry interface. I know this only works if you have enough RAM and speed, but if you do you can use both.

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