January 31, 2003

Hiptop Here

Yes, my Danger Hiptop arrived today. I celebrated by posting to HiptopNation. I already have a wish list of features for the Hiptop, like the ability to use iSynch for my calendar and addressbook. The boxmodel is not so pretty on the Hiptop/AvantGo browser.

I am happy with my purchase as I now have the ability to have my information follow me easily. The mobile e-mail is a great tool. Yes I know Blackberry has this funtionality, but the price and other added functionality, including phone was far more enticing. The form factor on the Hiptop is very inviting to the hands, although the thumb-fu has my bad thumb kinda wanting a rest.

I may build an administrative interface for Off the Top that I can use in the Hiptop and other mobile devices.

Posted Comments

Welcome to the tribe Thomas! Your first Hiptop tech tip: pressing @-0-1 is the three finger salute to reboot the device. Helps sometimes to reacquire a dropped cell tower signal. - mike -

I am enjoying being part of the tribe. I was extremely happy that I could post to my personal blog from the device without having to make any changes. Slogging through the 150 or so categories is a chore, but still quite doable. I spent today loading bookmarks to mobile new sites. I hope I am ready to go.

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