Off the Top: Georgetown Entries

January 30, 2003

Georgetown loses to Seton Hall 6 players on the floor

During last night's Georgetown and Seton Hall basketball game Seton Hall went a head with a in bounds pass to a player who dunked. The problem is Seton Hall had six active players on the court, which is easy to see on the highlight (and to many of us at the game) as the Georgetown Hoyas go back down the court. The refs did not call it as Seton Hall called time out to hide their lack of playing by the rules.

ESPN Sport Center and College Gamenight are calling this exact play great coaching, but ESPN does not count the Seton Hall players. Ken Denlinger of the Washington Post does not catch it in his Georgetown Seton Hall coverage.

The Big East Conference has been providing horrible officiating all season and many of the league coaches have been very vocal about the lack of skill. This is hurting the fans and the players who decide to play in the Big East.

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